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Our Capital Campaign

The Clamour Theatre Company is working hard to raise the money to purchase, preserve, and re-open the historic Clay Theatre in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Originally built in the 1930s, the Clay is a beautiful Art Deco building that was in nearly continuous operation as a movie theatre until 2014. We hate to see it sitting there empty and unused. We want to re-open it as a combination live theatre and film venue. We plan stage productions, film screenings, acting and other theatre classes, and we hope to make it available during our dark periods for meetings, weddings, concerts, dance recitals, and a multitude of other events.

How You Can Help

All it takes is money. And,yes, it's a lot of money. But if the entire community rallies around, we can do it! This is really a case of a little contribution making a big difference.
If only 3,000 people donate $100 each, we can buy the building.*
If 10,000 people chip in the same amount, we can be well on our way to the necessary remodeling.
And, don't forget that 10 people with $10 add up to $100!

You can make this happen!

Those seats look comfortable don't they? They shouldn't be empty.

Visit our Donate page and help us fill these seats again.*

* Purchase of the Clay Theatre is contingent upon inspections, favorable financing, and other factors beyond our control. If we are unable to complete the purchase, donations--unless specifically restricted by the donor--will be used for the charitable purposes of the Clamour Theatre Company and the search for another suitable location in Clay County.

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