Clay & Water 2024

Our Sixth Annual Playwrights’ Retreat and
New Play Reading Series

When: Sunday-Thursday, March 17-21, 2024 (details and schedule for specific plays below)
Where: Rigel Center, 4195 Wilbanks Avenue, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043.PLEASE NOTE: This is a change of venue from McCormick Hall (Rigel Center is actually in the Town of Penney Farms, as was the previous venue McCormick Hall, but if you use GPS or mapping apps, it is listed as Green Cove.)
Admission: Free.
Reservations:  Required (due to limited seating).  If you would like to make reservations prior to the appearance of the reservation link, please email, or call 917-902-7210.

Playwrights from all over the country.

Five developmental readings of their works-in-progress! A different play each evening!

Please note: If we have more than 2 events available for reservations at one time, you may not see all of them when you first click the red “Reservations” toggle. Just click in the white space between two events to force the widget to expand and display all available events.

For questions or assistance, please email (and please tell us which play you are asking about or trying to reserve).


Rigel Center is wheelchair-accessible.

Play readings include an actor who reads stage directions including descriptions of the setting and important physical action.


(Please note:  Some of these plays contain adult language and adult situations.)

SUNDAY, MAR 17, 7 PM EASTERN – “Lived Experience” by Amy Tofte
(dramaturg: Suzi Elnaggar)
When an android falls in love with her human co-worker, she must learn difficult human nuances such as love vs. lust and support vs. control. Each interaction pushes the constantly learning android to create a shared trauma that binds her as close as possible to her human companion. Is there an algorithm for love? Is love even real? Or is it merely an agreed upon delusion between consenting sentient beings?
with Catie Casey, Danielle Dobies, Riley Fetzner, and Morrigan Lee

MONDAY, MAR 18,  7 PM EASTERN – “Girl on a Hill” by Cris Eli Blak
(dramaturg: Linda Lombardi)
Deana Wakefield is an African American woman living out of a motel with her musician-boyfriend, struggling with a substance use disorder. Her life takes an unexpected turn when a journalist from The New York Times shows up at her door after he uncovers who she really is: a former child math prodigy. This is a play about race, discrimination, addiction, friendship, shame, generational trauma, and how no matter what we are, or who we are, we have a story to tell and a life that’s worth living.
with Jasmine Chanae, Debbie Pascoe, Bailey Paulson, Clayton Riddley, and Jack Shaughnessy

TUESDAY, MAR 19, 7 PM EASTERN – “The Practice Room”  by Aly Kantor
(dramaturg: Kae Milne Twichell)
Julissa is the second chair violist. Giselle is the third chair cellist. Up until now, both college students have accepted the role of the system in determining their fates. When Julissa decides to take a risk and switch instruments, however, the rules begin to change, setting Giselle on a quest to retain her hard-earned position at any cost. “The Practice Room” is a play about power, friendship, and what young female artists deserve.
with Kaylee Byers, Samantha Pascoe, and Harolyn Sharpe

WEDNESDAY, MAR 20, 7 PM EASTERN – “Glory to the Father” by Pamela Morgan
(dramaturg: Lindsey R. Barr)
Rachel Allbright, an emerging playwright in her mid-40s, is offered the opportunity to stage a scene from her life in “Glory to the Father,” a meta-psychodrama about childhood trauma, overbearing religion, and complicated family relationships. Rachel struggles to write and revise a prodigal reunion between her mother, Mary, and her sibling, Beck, at her father’s deathbed. And as the scene unfolds, again and again, Rachel finds her characters refusing to do as they’re told and forcing her to process a past that she never prepared for.
with Jayme Hillyer, Brian Johnson, Meganne Johnson, Bailey Paulson, and Kerry Reardon

THURSDAY, Mar 21, 7 PM EASTERN – “small quiet good” by Chandler Hubbard
(dramaturg: Fiona Kyle)
The myth, the monster, the woman: Medusa. She’s been confined to Hell for thousands of years. Today, her sisters and fellow Gorgons come to rescue her, but the chains binding Medusa can only be broken by the prisoner herself. It’s a reckoning and a retribution; it’s a bildungsroman and a beheading.
with Cher Davis, Karen Konzen, Sinda Nichols, and Toni Lang Philips


The Retreat playwrights visited a class at the Green Cove Springs Junior High School. The beautiful thank you notes below came from the students. We removed their names to protect their privacy and scanned them so we could share them with you.


Cris Eli Blak
Chandler Hubbard
Aly Kantor
Pamela Morgan
Amy Tofte


Lindsey Barr
Suzi Elnaggar
Fiona Kyle
Linda Lombardi
Kae Milne Twichell


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And thank you to the restaurants and many other contributors to our “No Starving Artists” Fund who are helping to feed our guests while they are here!

And, THANK YOU to the anonymous donor who has fully funded our “No Starving Artists” Fund for Clay & Water 2024 and is helping to feed our guests while they are here!

And thank you to the restaurants and many other contributors to our “No Starving Artists” Fund who are helping to feed our guests while they are here!

And thank you to the restaurants and many other contributors to our “No Starving Artists” Fund who are helping to feed our guests while they are here!

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