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Moving Online to Move Forward

In order to protect the health and safety of our actors, our crews, and our audiences, Clamour is moving its developmental readings, classes, creative conversations, and workshops online for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, January 30, 2021, 7pm EST
by Molly Wagner

Where: online via ZOOM

Admission: All events are FREE unless otherwise noted. You will need to make reservations through the link below or email us at, in order to receive the Zoom link.

Please note: If you are trying to make a reservation within an hour of the start time of the event, we suggest you email us rather than go through the online reservation process in order to insure you get the Zoom link in a timely way. Otherwise, please use the “Event Reservations” link.

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Saturday, January 30, 2021, 7pm EST | Reading | SANCTUARY by Molly Wagner
Vic is a Catholic Italian-American, and May is not. Set entirely in the balcony of a Catholic Church, between their childhood in the 60s to the baptism of their granddaughter in the 90s (several years after their divorce!), this play explores the impact of religion on a person’s life and search for salvation.
with Jayme Hillyer, Hays Jacobs, Debbie Pascoe, and Mitchell Wohl

TBD | The following plays will have readings in an order and on future dates to be determined

SANCTUARY by Molly Wagner

[KISS.SIGH] by Mara Dresner

HERE BE MONSTERS by Suse Sternkopf


Friday, June 5, 7pm | Reading | RAVENS FEED US by Margaret Hunt
Set in Chicago in 1959, RAVENS is a heartbreaking comedy about an alcoholic, Irish Catholic family. But it is not a play about alcoholism. RAVENS is a play about children: how they instinctively understand their family’s dynamics, adapt naturally to impossible conditions, and bravely express love for both the addicted parent and the furious one. When the Cavanaugh girls find their father passed out and lying in his own piss, they go into clean-up mode to hide his drunkenness from their mother. It’s the only way they know to keep their family together. Yet bleak as their situation is, their lives are also full of laughter and love, baseball, first dates, hand-me-down Halloween costumes, and a baby on the way. RAVENS’ unique vision reveals how children of alcoholic families bring “normality” based on love to desperate circumstances they must ameliorate to survive. (Full Length)
with Max Arnaud, Estelle Bajou, Sarah Irene Diller, Brian Johnson, Tatum Matthews, Samantha Pascoe, and Mia Woods.

Sunday, June 7, 3pm | Reading | Two new short plays by Chris Shaw Swanson | (open to Clamour participating artists only – please email for invitation )
with Sarah Irene Diller, Danielle Dobies, Timothy Lamb, and Mia Woods.

Leaders of area theatre companies in discussion about COVID-19, systemic racism, and other issues currently affecting their organizations and the industry as a whole | with Caryl Butterley (Actors Collective),  CeDarian Crawford (The N.E.T. New Empowerment Theatre), Lee Hamby (The 5 & Dime Theatre Company), Kathryn Masters (A Classic Theatre), JaMario Stills (Phase 8 Theater Company), and Tricia Williams (The Island Theater)

Saturday, June 27, 7pm| Reading | DAUGHTERS OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION by Dana Leslie Goldstein
Some women compromise. Others start revolutions. Against the backdrop of post-Nixon America, valium abuse and the six million dollar man, every character in DAUGHTERS OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION is confronted with ethical choices, as they wrestle with their own fears and notions of who they are, and what it means to be faithful. (Full Length)
with Mark Dobies, Jayme Hillyer, John Kearney, Karen Konzen, Samantha Pascoe, Michael Selkirk, and Mia Woods

Sunday, July 12, 2pm | Reading | SITTING STILL by Danielle Wirsansky
SITTING STILL chronicles the accomplishments as well as the professional and romantic entanglements of British women medics in the First World War. When WWI erupted, the British government refused to involve women doctors in the war effort; this, despite their high qualifications and the desperate demand for such skilled doctors. The infamous War Office response to the offer of female medics to go abroad and provide medical relief was ‘My good lady, go home and sit still’. The play features an entirely female cast and focuses primarily on the fascinating life of Dr. Elsie Inglis, supported by a cast of characters based on the real-life women she worked with including Dr. Flora Murray (a former lover), Dr. Louisa Garret Anderson (Flora’s partner), and Dr. Jessie MacGregor (her business partner), all of whom were prominent lesbians of the time. (Full Length)
with Jayme Hillyer, John Kearney, Karen Konzen, Caroline Lee, and Sinda Nichols

Saturday, July 18, 7pm | Reading | AUSTEEN, FLORIDA ELEVATION: 12 FEET by Wendy Yondorf
As Austeen, Florida is a two-hour drive from the ocean, the tourists never go there and the locals like it that way. Rozina Pompino lives close to the strip of services off the two-lane highway including the Publix, the Tattoo shop, the Chinese, a Dollar Tree and a combo gas station/7Eleven. The only thorn in her begrudging contentment is her son’s plan to move far, far away from Austeen. So, when she discovers an exotic snake trade operating from her garage, she goes ballistic and declares no one is leaving Austeen. (Full Length)
with Max Arnaud, Jayme Hillyer, John Leone, and Maureen Silliman

Saturday, July 25, 7pm | Reading | I’M NOT YOU by Connie Schindewolf
Marv was abandoned in China as a baby and now that he is 18, his wealthy father is bringing him to the United States. Although he wants an education here, Marv has never had family and is suspect of his father’s motives. He shows up with many questions. (1-Act)
with James Earley, Graciela Fernandez, Brian Johnson, and John Kearney

Sunday, August 9, 3pm | Reading | CAROL OF CARROLL GARDENS  by Bob Stewart is a comedy full of magic realism about a curmudgeonly, single Baby Boomer named CAROL, who’s managing her slow moving leukemia. Narrated by three unexpected characters, her journey is supported by her lonely, younger, caregiver with Asperger’s named Scotty. Carol is guided along by mystical visions, a buzzed Doctor, healing dreams, and the annoyance of an ever changing medical staff. All to help lead Carole to a place she’s never been before. (Full Length)
with Christopher Borg, Elizabeth Cottle, Desmond Dutscher, Anne Kraft, and Jonathan Masters

Monday, September 28, 7pm | Panel | THE STATE OF THE ART IN NE FLORIDA THEATRE 2
Leaders of area theatre companies in discussion about COVID-19, systemic racism, and other issues currently affecting their organizations and the industry as a whole | with Sarah Boone (Theatre Jacksonville), Beth Lambert (Limelight Theatre), and Jereme Raickett (Players by the Sea)

Wednesday, October 7, 7pm | Reading | TO TREAD AMONG SERPENTS by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos
In the summer of 1959, an ambitious magazine reporter is sent deep into Southern Appalachia to cover the gruesome ax murders of two men. The killer, a religious snake handler with shady connections to organized crime, embraces the writer’s strategy to remake her into a sexy, celebrity-like cover girl. An escalating battle for control emerges when the women’s dual pursuit of illicit wealth and lurid public adoration brings out the Devil in them both.(Full Length)
with Danielle Dobies, Rhodie Jackson, Brian Johnson, and Danielle Wirsansky.

Saturday, November 7, 7pm | Reading | PALE REVELRY by Maximillian Gill
Nothing spoils a good party like a visit from the Angel of Death.
with Deltoiya Goodman, Debbie Pascoe, Toni Lang Philips, and Meredith Wolfe

Sunday, November 22,3pm | Reading | THE DARLING GIRLS by Ivan Faute
In a peaceful neighborhood, in a happy city, in a safe country, the three Darling sisters feel something is amiss. Perhaps it’s Father chained to the living room floor, could be Mother whose attire and mind grow more absurd each morning, or maybe it’s the pregnant male dog about to have puppies. As the family tries to work out what time it really is, something is quickly and violently coming to knock on that solid wood front door and make everything right as rain. Or maybe it’s someone.
with Jan Peter Buksar, Sarah Irene Diller, Carole Monferdini, Samantha Pascoe, Mitchell Wohl, and Mia Woods

Sunday, December 6, 3pm | Reading | FLOWERS SPEAK SOFTLY by Qwyn Cephus  | (open to Clamour participating artists only)
with David Girard, Meganne Johnson, Brynne Tolentino, and Mia Woods

Saturday, January 23, 2021, 7pm EST | Reading | HERE BE MONSTERS by Suse Sternkopf
Who knows if people ever know one another, really—and then, they change, and keep changing….
with Allen Corben, Brian Johnson, Meganne Johnson, Karen Konzen, and Hartley Powers

Sunday, January 24, 2021, 7pm EST | Reading | [kiss.sigh] by Mara Dresner
After the kiss—the hope, the anticipation, the expectation—comes the sigh, the sigh of disappointment, broken promises, dreams that will never be realized. Relationships are exciting…until they aren’t.
with Deltoiya Goodman, Olivia Gowan, and Erica Villanueva


Margaret Hunt


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